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Here, we’ll have a list of social media accounts that are focused on everything The OA related. If you run an account, please share it with us so we can take a look and help the fans get connected with each other through different platforms and dimensions.

In the meantime, we recommend subbing to the subreddit:

As suggested in the comments below by Caroline LeClerc, the_oa_impressions is a beautiful collection of everything The OA.

Please suggest more so we can follow them and add them to this list here for everyone to see.


  • OA impressions is a good source for info too!

    • Rose says:

      There’s a public group on Facebook called Save the OA #SaveTheOA you can join. People are posting there a lot on ways we can keep up the movement.

  • Astralware says:

    Heya – I totally support everything you guys are doing and I want to help. The OA is something incredibly special and must be saved. I love your site, btw and feel it’s going to be a powerful force to help move people. Thank you!!

  • Tiffany Glass says:

    I am in awe of this website. I have been a fan of Brit and Zal siince the beginning and this show has touched me on SO many levels. I am a spiritual healer and everything about this show speaks to me. I was heartbroken when the show was cancelled. I don’t have any money right now, but I am here and willing to help in any other way you may need to support this show and Brit and Zal. I am in Los Angeles, so if you do need help, please let me know. So much love coming your way.

    • Tiffany says:

      Was wandering if their were more healers out there affected by The OA. What a gorgeous comment you wrote. Totally respect your genuine desire to contribute. And love that you offered the most precious currency: your energy ??

  • Nicholas Goodman says:

    This is a beautiful place for people to meet. Thank you for letting me know that I’m not alone !

  • juan says:

    The OA will have eternal life inside each of us….. Brit and Zal thank you!! Love from Argentina!!

  • Kayba says:

    Putting my feelings and thoughts into words about the magic and magnanimity of this story is quite difficult. There aren’t enough words it seems to adequately express the feelings The OA evokes. There is a truth, a deep truth that resonates with many, that this story tells. Like all great works, truth is woven in. But The OA feels more than just a weave of truth and fantasy. There’s a connection, a strength, an understanding to each character, to each movement, to the entirety of the story. We will continue the story. We will live knowing we are all connected. We will live knowing this isn’t the end. Whatever it is that’s next, you remind us that this isn’t the end. You remind us that love and conviction together are the most powerful. But please, do write a book!! Your mind has already transported us, don’t leave us to discover the ending. We want to follow you on your journey.

    • OA says:

      Hi Kayba!

      I love your comment here, but I do want to let you know that this was built by us (the fans) and is owned and operated solely by the fans. Brit and Zal have nothing to do with this site in any way, but Brit did feature the site in her IG bio which has led to the most amazing contributions being sent to us to document on the site. We hope this will lead to Netflix seeing all this documentation of work from all the fans and reconsidering their direction. I’m with you there, though, we need to hear the rest of the story. Brit and Zal are 2 human beings so creative that I would go as far as saying people like the 2 of them come around once in a millenia, if not longer.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the site, though. We are funding it and maintaining it as the fans until we get Netflix to let Brit and Zal tell their story in its entirety, at which point we’ll archive this site and it’ll go down in history as one of the many things that fans did to make a difference in the world. By that I mean, it enabled 2 amazing people to tell the rest of their story that means something very deep to every one of us. A story that should’ve been put in front of many more people than it had a chance to. A story that deserves to be heard because it’s something extraordinary and otherworldly, but incredibly relatable. It feels wrong calling it a story, as I personally like to think of it as an experience.

      One of the devs, Evan.

  • Tim Sansone says:

    “Not all heroes wear capes”

    Thank you all for putting this site together, I’ve never been a part of a “community” until The OA – and while some may call us crazy (and we might be), I wouldn’t change it for the world.

    #SaveTheOA #WhereTheresaWillTheresOA

    – Tim

  • SylOolas says:

    Je m’appel Sebastien. Je viens de France et je voulais juste dire à quel point j aime The OA. Cela me rassure et me fais du bien de me dire que de nombreuses personnes à travers le monde puisse ressentir la même chose que moi.
    J ecris en Français car je souhaite montré le coter international du mouvement.
    Merci à tous.

  • My spare time varies but as a professional designer/animator/video editor I’d love to help contribute to this site if I could! Feel free to reach out if there are things can would benefit from some extra hands on the deck. Meanwhile, thanks for making this happen. The sire is beautiful and well thought out.

  • Rima Martin says:

    Just like you all, I’m a huge fan. The OA is an amazing masterpiece. A show I will never forget. I was wondering if anyone knew a games creator who could create a a game just like the one in The OA Season 2 or we could help crowdsource it and use the money to bring back The OA. Just a tiny thought. Anything to help ♥️???‍♀️

  • Joel Landy says:

    Anyone want to work on a fan fiction? Maybe create our own ending to the story?

  • tony salgado says:

    I have uploaded a mini doc featuring Emperial Young from Los Angeles who is waging a one person grass roots campaign against the recent decision by Netflix to cancel “The OA” series.
    Check it out on Vimeo at this link.

    Tony Salgado
    Documentary DP, Editor, Photojournalist

  • Eden says:

    Surely if all those, like myself, who have been hurt by this decision, were to cancel their membership, if done in large numbers…. Netflix would definitely pay attention then.

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