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After watching and rewatching The OA parts 1 & 2, I thought I knew what the show meant to me. In a way I did, I just loved it for different reasons than I do now. Now, more than two weeks after the cancellation announcement (has it really been that long?), I’ve come to understand that what the show has made me feel has transcended into how real people, making real movements has made me feel. By obsessively checking the subreddit, hash-tagging all over my social media accounts, and interacting with the protestors in LA via livestream chat, I feel like I’ve become a part of something so much bigger than myself. Watching a group of people in real time set goals *and achieve them* is truly inspiring.

Reading Brit’s Instagram post today moved me deeply. This post helped me realize that it wasn’t just the show that taught me important lessons, it's cancellation taught me something entirely more important. By being part of this team or tribe or whatever you want to call it, I feel like I’m right where I’m supposed to be. I’ve never been a natural-born leader or a hero, so becoming a part of this community and creating this collective consciousness has meant a lot to me. I’ve come together with so many people all over the world for the same reason—we’ve all been radiating the same love and gratitude and hope and we don’t want that feeling to go away. This feeling may seem fleeting, but it’s always there in your heart. The more we practice (and it is a practice), the easier it will be to hang on to that feeling just a little bit longer. This love that we're all feeling is transformative and knows no bounds. It can penetrate any dimension. So jump.


I don't know what to say .

I loved the choreography. Movement is essencial to the narratives of this time. Dance, the body in movement, ritual practices, the connection to nature can save us from such stupid things that are happening in the world. They can help us realise what is our purpuse in this planet.

The OA was a story that started to bring this and many other important narratives to our screens in such clever ways.

Im profoundly dissapointed with the decision of not continuing this story ....

With this story I made friends, I spent a full day watching the second season with someone that now is a really good friend and it all started with The OA. We had such an amazing time watching the series.

I recommended The OA to many other friends and they always came back to me saying they loved it. It made dance accessible in a totally different way, much more interesting that what's on the mainstream. This show was of quality, really good dramaturgy and cleverly created. Of quality ... although perhaps not quantity? Which is what Netflix wants .... I don't know.

I cannot understand how such a beautifully written story with such lovely cast can be taken away from many people....

I dont know what else to say.

Thanks for those movements!!!


This show completely turned my life around. I was going through serious anxiety (for no reason really) when I discovered this show. It gave me a purpose and made me forget about my anxiety. I can’t even begin to describe the amazing feelings this show gave me and continues to give me. It’s created a movement in the world!! #savetheOA #theOAisreal


When I was three I nearly died in a horrible house fire. When I was five I nearly died again when I drowned in a pool. While drowning I saw the bright light, felt my grandmother’s presence, and started to lean into death’s embrace. I was saved, and I survived. OA’s character resonates with me like no other character ever has, and maybe ever will. I watched her drown and sit with the woman by the pool of water in the stars in her NDEs over and over again. I feel like I’ve been there. I feel like my experiences with death and the connection I have with the spirit world are powerful and special. Even during the first time watching I felt like I already knew this world, these people, this story. It feels so familiar. I need to know the end of this story, because it’s out there, written down and ready to be told. Thank you for fighting for this story. Thank you for fighting for Brit and Zal. We are powerful together, and I’m right there with you.


Someone on the GFM posted that it's a "spiritual playground" and that really resonates with me. I'm not religious or anything, but this show was the closest thing I've experienced to a religious experience. Will get more personal after I've had my ice cream.


Amanda, 45, California

I'm not a spiritual person. In fact, I'm an atheist. And I've never experienced a spiritual awakening like I did watching The OA. In an era of hot garbage everywhere - politics, media, the internet - The OA was a bright, shiny beacon where you could believe in impossible things without irony or cynicism. It is a beautiful piece of art that is both big, bold, and fearless AND fragile. It is to be cherished.

I just read Brit's last Insta post and I'm fully ugly-weeping in my work office. I'm not ready to let this go. I'm going to be grieving for a while.


I'm josh from lancaster PA, 38. I watch a lot of tv and movies, I struggle with social anxiety so I don't go out much. At first the OA was just a cool story to me. I remember the trailer for the first season caught my attention because I wanted to see why this blind girl could suddenly see now after having been gone for 7 years. I loved the first season, just Prairie's story sucked me in like I was one of them. I was so curious about so many things and actually angry at the ending. I couldn't believe they posed so many questions, especially whether the story even happened, and left it like that. I was excited when they announced the renewal but sure got antsy waiting over 2 years for it. When it finally arrived I was ecstatic and I couldn't believe that they had taken it so far. I loved how they answered all the questions the first season asked, while creating more. I loved that it was changing dimensions and not just about an angel and the afterlife. It became a living, breathing puzzle to me and I was all the fuckin way in! Especially after the epic meta mindfuck ending, this was an ending I could sit with for a little. Then in May my father passed away suddenly at just 60. I was a complete wreck, I already don't deal with death and change very well. I was very close with my dad and I believe if I didn't have a brother and mom around I probably would have been suicidal. I know I sure as hell don't fear death anymore, whenever my day comes I will welcome it with open arms. That period right after something major like that happens is rough, I was off work for bereavement and just sitting around the house. I had no motivation to go out and do anything and everything just seemed boring to me. I don't really drink much and don't do drugs anymore (approaching 11 years clean on my dad's birthday). I decided to start watching the OA again, it was the only thing I could think of that wouldn't anger or depress me. I escaped into those episodes, seeing so much more the 2nd time through, especially after learning everything from the 2nd season. I started wondering how many dimensions the OA has been through at the start of season 1 because of some things she says that I'd forgotten about. I relished being one of the group again, sitting with Buck and French listening to our OA take us down roads I'd already been down. I really connected with her concept of death not being the end, and the almost positive outlook it has dealing with death. Dealing with my own loss was just simply made easier because of this work of art created by Brit and Zal. Their world was so real to me and the characters and story so perfect that it was like therapy for me. I couldn't be more grateful for this show and i've been completely heartbroken since hearing of its cancellation. I feel like netflix stole something from me and for no real good reason, other than their piss poor marketing effort. I really hope it gets saved or that Brit and Zal can at least share what the entire vision was in some alternate format, because right now my life feels frustratingly empty knowing I may never find out. That's all, feel free to use anything.


My name is Tiffany. I’m 27, live in Michigan + I’m a wedding photographer. My husband and I were scrolling Netflix one night, passed The OA and thought “huh — that looks interesting.” We became so intrigued and invested so fast. I was absolutely HOOKED on Scott’s resurrection scene. It was so beautiful and touched me in a way no piece of film/art ever has.

We watched four episodes one night, and the following four the next. I thought the previous scene was the most moving, beautiful thing i had ever seen; but then we watched Part 1’s finale. I cannot even put those feelings in to words, but it has stuck with me ever since the first time I watched it. My husband, who does not show his emotions easily, who I have never seen cry... cried after watching the Crestwood 5 perform the movements. It was so powerful, and so moving.

Part 1 of the OA genuinely changed me and my heart. Part 2 only deepened my love and appreciation for it. Like others have said, The OA was a very spiritual experience. It’s affected me in ways nothing else ever has, and i don’t think ever will.

No matter what happens with this story (though, I do hope and think we can revive it), I am eternally grateful to Brit, Zal and the whole OA team for bringing such magic and light to my life.


I am 24 from the US. I have multiple disabilities and as a result I am mostly housebound. I don’t meet many people or go many places. It is isolating, dehumanizing and physically and emotionally exhausting. Most of the world is only available to me through stories and screens. But I have always been very inwardly focused and sensitive, intent on spending my life changing, growing, and discovering new parts of myself.

I’ve followed Brit and Zal’s work for several years now. I feel there is something to our experience as humans that our society has ignored since long before I was born. I can feel a truth at the tip of my tongue that I can’t quite access or put into words. The OA points a finger at that truth and tries to describe it. We yearn to play, dance, tell stories, and experience emotions and connection that right now gets shut down and covered up. In its place people work to exhaustion, selling a third of their lives to earn their right to stay alive.

We need more. We need to feel like what we are, creatures of the Earth. In absence of the chance to travel, run, roll around in the grass, dance, swim, dig in the dirt, and feel connected in the presence of other people, I have The OA. I can follow its arrow and for a while deeply feel that truth. There is no other story I’ve come across that affects me as much as this one does. I can turn it on and it takes me to a place where I dont feel like I’m actually missing out on anything.


I was going through a very nasty divorce when this show first came out. I was in a dark place and scared to even leave my house. Then I watched this show and felt so understood and empowered. I can’t explain it. Something about this show is spiritual. It helped me find myself again. I binged it. Then I rewatched it slowly, and I told myself, if she can survive that then I can survive this.

Edit to add: in a lot of ways I resonated with OA trying to escape from Hap because I felt that’s exactly what I had just done. I am 30 now and live in Atlanta. When I first watched this I was 28. I saw so much of myself in this story. And beyond just seeing myself, as a woman I felt this narrative was for me and I was so desperate for something like this. It really did pull me out of a dark place.


My name is Mike. I'm 32 years old and I live in Savannah, GA. I am a DMV processor for the county government.

There has never been anything in the arena of entertainment that has ever affected me the way The OA has. It has turned me into a complete enthusiast. So much so, that I'm pretty sure my family and friends seemed to be concerned about me!

I don't blame them for it, either. The series is so otherworldly—so unique, daring, and bizarre, that I understand that sometimes people will find it a challenge to open their minds and hearts to it. But I also understand how it's one of the most unprecedented and radical pieces of art that has ever graced the global stage. That's why I'm inclined to refer to it as an experiential phenomenon. It rewarded me in a special way for being open and vulnerable enough to receive its mindbending concepts and spiritual boldness. It has taught me to have a different type of appreciation towards art in general, because this is the first time I have seen such a piece that unapologetically strikes chromatic, dissonant, even dichotomous chords in our society. Take a look at the movements for example. It is such a striking art form, that the reaction it produces in people tend to fall on extreme sides of a spectrum. On the one side, people are mesmerized, inspired, maybe even awestruck at its demonstration of raw emotion. On the other side, people either laugh hysterically, or maybe even twist and turn with a sense of cringing awkwardness and discomfort. Either way, to quote Zal in an interview conducted by Jean Bentley from, "When I read a visceral reaction that's so violent a reaction, I think, 'Ah, interesting, something's happening here.'"


Óscar, 16, Spain.

I've always got a weird perception about myself. I always had this perception of life, like, I remember being 9 and asking my cousin, "Do you know when you for a moment realize that your living inside your body, your counciousness, like seeing yourself as an stranger?" and she was giving me the weird looks. I always was asking myself what I was doing in here, on this plane, all this questions that I was really intrigued to know the answer, but at the same time I liked not knowing them. Feeling something calling me from inside my body, something that has no spoken words.

I've got this memory of a child, on a beach with this parents, all happy, and I remember being that child, in the water, and I could feel how the waves we're getting higher and suddenly all was black, and cold, feeling myself completely merging with the water. I remember me drowning in the water. I just do. But it’s challeging because I don’t know if it’s real or not.

For a long time I was lost, I hurt myself in numerous ways, and, one midnight at 5am or something , I found The OA on netflix. I watched the final moments on episode 8 of Part I when Nina got her first NDE dying in the water, and then I suddenly got this memory back, this thing that was inside me, calling me, I finally wake up.

The OA has help me to be redirected to my mission. Still to this day, I work hard for knowing my purpose here on earth, on this plane. As OA said, "This is just the beginning".


Hi, my name is Lea, female, 54yrs old. I live in Western NC US. I’m self employed as a senior/palliative/hospice caregiver. I help people with their end of life needs and assist in making them comfortable while they pass from this life to the next. I’ve witnessed many who have made that journey. I wholeheartedly believe that we do in fact go to another place. Every person whom I helped in this process would start to see loved ones or even strangers that no one else in the room could see. That vale is very very thin from this life to the next. I’ve seen it through my patients and what they experience. So knowing that perhaps each one of them and all of us will go on to another world/dimension is hopeful. I’m not afraid of dying anymore and this show truly resonates with me and how we treat end of life care. It’s something beautiful and natural and not to be prolonged because of family wishes or big pharma and escalated hospital fees when death is immanent. Another aspect about this show is how it delves into in such detail the underrepresented youth and what’s missing in guiding them or aiding them in those formidable years.... the Steve’s, Alphonso’s, Jesse’s, Bucks out there in the world struggling to navigate through life. This show is deep thought provoking and touches on so many real life dilemmas that exist in our world today. Even our planet! I’m a hiker and love the forest. It’s my go to place to unwind and to rejuvenate my soul...especially after one of my clients have passed. I’m an amateur photographer and love taking pictures in the forest of the mushroom and that hobby led me to study fungi and its connection and place in the forest. EVERYTHING TRULY IS CONNECTED!!! A mushroom is the fruiting body of mycelium which is the root systems under the forest floor. In part 2 in the scene with the OA and the trees I was freaking out because I knew exactly what that scene was talking about. I feel this shows audience , the fans, are a minority and I’m privileged to be in such great company of like minded folks across the globe. So many shows available to watch are pretty much cookie cutter and of no real substance. This show has substance!! The world needs to experience The OA!!! This story needs to be told in its entirety... ALL REMAINING 3 PARTS!! #ExperienceTheOA #SaveTheOA thank you for your time! Not sure if I added anything you’re looking for but this is how I’ve experienced The OA. The creators of this show have really touched on so many important issues we are all facing! So well written and executed. I hope and pray we get to see it to the end in its entirety!


My name is Madi, I’m 21 and living in Alabama.
I am the survivor of sexual assault and have spent the last five years searching for the ability to call myself a “survivor” instead of a victim. The OA showed me how. The OA taught me that I cannot shoulder this alone. And that I’m not supposed to. The Crestwood 5 and Karim taught me how important it is to share my story, especially to people who might not believe you.
The OA helped be cross the “hard to define” border of misogyny and recovery.

Also, I recently started learning and practicing the movements as a way to calm down after panic attacks.

“I survived because I wasn’t alone.”


It feels like the gateway into the translucent global consciousness. Especially when the air rushes over my arms, while my hair whips against my face. I am hyper aware. It helps my anxiety by rooting my mind like tree roots seeking sustenance. It reshapes my fears into hope of the unfamiliar, whatever that may be.


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  • AMANDA says:

    Currently, in the year 2019, I am a 30 something mother of 2 with an extroverted personality. I am at home while doing schooling for Medical Coding. I stay indoors most of the time, while trying to take my kids out while being on a budget. I miss going to work and being around adults and having adult conversations. I love puzzle games and writing and reading stories that have mystery and suspense in them. I love a good drama, comedy or romance movie but horror/thriller/suspense gets me every time.

    When Netflix first came around, I was a teenager working my first job at Blockbuster. I was there when DVD’s first became available and when they became the normal thing to rent. Luckily I had already left working there after 5 fun video filled years to move out to a new state. While working there, as an employee, I was able to get 5 free rentals a week. As you may know, 52 (weeks) x 5 (years) is 260. 260 x 5 (free rentals) is 1,300. That’s how many movies and tv shows (as we did get HBO series in to rent as well) I consumed in just that time. Is that a lot? No, probably not now, since we are able to watch so much. We are able to basically watch limitless television and movies whenever we want, especially thanks to companies like yours. But back then, yes, it was a lot I would say. I was proud of the movies I picked. The ones I chose weren’t the biggest newest ones, where we cleared whole sections for and would receive hundreds of copies in (only to see them sit sadly as a previewed movie for $4.99 that we would have to throw away in a quarterly clean to save space). No, I would choose the Indie movies. The Sundance Film Festivals. The ones we only got 2 of, lucky if we got 5 copies to rent. Those are the movies I would recommend to people. Those are the movies that those customers would bring back, looking specifically for me to let me know how much they loved them. Those are the movies I am always looking for.

    Fast forward to 2008, I wasn’t working at Blockbuster any longer, but I was in a different state, and I was with my boyfriend (my now husband) and we decided on a whim, to try 30 free days on Netflix! We have been members ever since. We even had the 2 dvd plan when we could afford it. It was probably about 2010 when I started sending little meme reviews of the movies I watched on DVD and would include them in with the dvd package. I called them “To Netflix with Love.” Then the price went up and we went to streaming only. It really seemed to only get better, in a sense. A lot of the content that I loved was on there. More Indie type movies, my husband would joke “Look they even made a section for you” – Independent Drama’s with a strong Female Lead. I liked the comedies too! I would watch them, save them and then recommend them to my friends who also loved those movies. Times were changing though, I slowly stopped finding things like that. Once in a while, yes, but that category hasn’t shown up for me in quite a long time. My recommendations have slowly almost become nonexistent.

    Fast forward again, it’s 2016 and I just had my daughter, in a state away from her parents, breastfeeding her all night long. She wouldn’t sleep more than a few hours before waking up crying. I was in a state of post partum depression that wasn’t bad enough to take medication, but bad enough for me to feel sad, emotional and wish I lived back in Texas, crying to my mom on the phone. I was lonely. I did work, but the friends I had didn’t have children and stopped asking me to go out with them. The friends who had kids, they needed someone to watch them in order to leave. It was tough. I was almost to the point of joining an MLM (so glad I didn’t!) and almost lost a friend in the process of that. I hated that the dark would come so fast, and I didn’t feel like myself anymore.

    One night, I turned on netflix, in the dark, looking for something to watch while I fed her, trying to get her to sleep and I saw something about The OA. It was showing as recommended to me and I read the description of it. Would this be something I would like? I wasn’t sure but on a whim I started it. And I never turned it off. I was lucky that the day after I didn’t have to work. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I didn’t get into theories in my mind. I never doubted Prairie. I was hungry for more. What could I do? Watch it again? Find out if it was a book (found out it wasn’t)? Find other shows that were like it? But how, where would there be a show like this? I can’t explain it but there was a feeling it opened up inside of me. My daughter didn’t sleep through the night, but I didn’t feel quite as lonely anymore. I told everyone I could about the show. Most liked it, some didn’t “get it” and didn’t like the movements or the cafeteria scene (that made me cry!) but that didn’t matter to me. I don’t remember actually feeling as depressed as much after that (I’m not saying it cured any PPD I had, but it did change something in my heart and my mind that is explainable). I heard about the renewal and I was happily waiting for it to return.

    As I was waiting for it to return, I started looking up things about The OA, I found myself at the subreddit r/TheOA. I quickly devoured these posts, these thoughts and theories. Wow, the things other people found astounded me. Some listened to the entire series with their eyes closed, just like Prairie told them to. They followed clues from numbers to colors… when one color would show up on the screen they would listen for something, another color they would be looking for something. I was intimidated to say the least, which is very strange for me. I was afraid to post because I felt inferior to these other discussions they had already been having. But I wanted to be like them. When I heard that the 2nd season was coming I was so excited!

    I turned it on…. But what? Didn’t I have it in my list? Isn’t in recently added? I had to go search for it so I didn’t have to keep scrolling. But I did find it and I watched it all day. My husband would walk in, not the type of person to binge watch anything, and say “You’re still watching that?”Only stopping to make food for everyone… This was it. I headed straight to reddit. Already there were theories on the board. But they weren’t the ones I wanted. They weren’t the ones that prove that there was more to the story. I wanted to follow the clues like those fans who wrote a whole thesis about Scott and Mustard. I wanted to be the one who found out a book about Angels that was under Prairies bed wasn’t real and was actually the name of a writer on the show.

    And that’s who I became. I spent NIGHTS watching both seasons over and over again. Back and forth through episodes to find the hidden puzzle pieces. To type out dialogue word for word to get a better understand of what it could mean. When reddit was going to slow I joined FB OA fan groups (even one started by Brandon Perea’s own mother! And she is an absolute sweetheart). I found the episodes of wheel of fortune that were playing on BBA’s hotel tv the night of the funeral. And again, the hardest episode to find was from the scene in Aunt Lily’s house – that was from the future (since it was based in 2016). I found so many other things, too. I dissected the entire 3rd episode to find more clues.

    On 8/5/19 I was painting a tree in my daughters room wall. It was a Monday. I was so hot and my arms were tired, I was covered in paint. I took a moment to look at my phone to read a text from my husband.

    “They cancelled The OA. Sorry honey.”

    That should show you something right there. He knew I wouldn’t care about any other show being cancelled. He didn’t tell me about Santa Clarita. Chambers. Girlboss. Kimmy Schmidt. All shows I watched and loved. But this one, he took time to tell me. I stopped painting for a second, almost not believing what I was seeing. It surely couldn’t be true could it?

    So I finished the tree and thought about it. That night I went online… and it was everywhere. But then there was a post… about the meta. About the Season 3 Game going IRL meta thought. And I loved it and I wanted it to be true, so I stayed. I stuck around, looking for more about it. And then I found it, the #savetheoa discord. In this past week, I have become close with many of the fans, and we’re more like family. I have the adult conversation I craved from friends, the laughter, the support. And we are changing things. We are doing things to get this back, hopefully renewed for the last 3 seasons by YOU. This show is more than a show. My reasons may not be the same as others. They may not enjoy the theories I write, but I enjoyed not only writing them, but the process of finding the clues to start those theories. I still have theories I need to work on and write out. I still need to find out why the clocks are all different by minutes even though the scenes were only different by a few seconds. I need to know why Buck’s mom all of a sudden didn’t support him being HIM, and where his dad was. I need to find out where Jesse went and why his eyes were open in that pool. I need to know who BBA’s brother is. I need to know where Homer goes, who the skin lady is. I need to know if Able really is in Season 3….

    • Felix says:

      Amanda, I spent the time to read every word you wrote in your post here and I felt you! Thank you for sharing your OA journey and for also opening my eyes to the Redit-born practice of experiencing The OA with my eyes closed. I can’t wait to try that! I hope you find fulfillment in the answers you seek.

  • Daniela Fernández says:

    I will never, ever, ever forget the cafeteria scene! This beautiful project appeared in the worst moment of my life when I felt so lonely, stupid, and useless. I felt everything wrong in myself until I watched this show. I don’t know how to explain but it clicks something inside of me, something that told me that the world is not so terrible, that there’s still people that are valuable and that Im also valuable. I don’t want and I cannot accept the cancellation of the show, it’s so heart breaking. You guys (all the cast and the responsibles behind the show) you changed my life and for good and I cannot be more grateful for that.

  • Rhianna says:

    After watching and rewatching The OA parts 1 & 2, I thought I knew what the show meant to me. In a way I did, I just loved it for different reasons than I do now. Now, more than two weeks after the cancellation announcement (has it really been that long?), I’ve come to understand that what the show has made me feel has transcended into how real people, making real movements has made me feel. By obsessively checking the subreddit, hash-tagging all over my social media accounts, and interacting with the protestors in LA via livestream chat, I feel like I’ve become a part of something so much bigger than myself. Watching a group of people in real time set goals *and achieve them* is truly inspiring.

    Reading Brit’s Instagram post today moved me deeply. This post helped me realize that it wasn’t just the show that taught me important lessons, it’s cancellation taught me something entirely more important. By being part of this team or tribe or whatever you want to call it, I feel like I’m right where I’m supposed to be. I’ve never been a natural-born leader or a hero, so becoming a part of this community and creating this collective consciousness has meant a lot to me. I’ve come together with so many people all over the world for the same reason—we’ve all been radiating the same love and gratitude and hope and we don’t want that feeling to go away. This feeling may seem fleeting, but it’s always there in your heart. The more we practice (and it is a practice), the easier it will be to hang on to that feeling just a little bit longer. This love that we’re all feeling is transformative and knows no bounds. It can penetrate any dimension. So jump.

    • Paul Santo says:

      Brit ‘ That letter you just sent us Friday, August 23rd. Was so incredibly warming and beautiful.
      You show your intelligence in everything you write. I believe with all of my heart that this experience has caused us to all become connected in some strange way. I think of you as a friend. But not only you buy everyone around the world involved in this Movement. Everyone involved in the Shows 1 & 2. From You Brit all the way to the Key grip or the man or woman on the set who ran for coffee. All of us connected and wanting the same thing. There is so much power in that. You are falling from the rose window but we all have our hands holding tightly to yours pulling you to safety. We will not let you go until we pull you and the show to safety. I study Quantum Physics & I was reading an article this morning about how Scientists have proof of Quantum Teleportation. Is there any coincidence to the hashtag #TheOAisReal ?

  • Kyle Baxter says:

    Hair-Dye Halo

    I’ve always had vivid dreams. Family gathered around a great tree. Three little girls, familiar yet foreign. A blonde woman on a balcony smoking and seemingly gazing at the mountains, but looking at nothing. I was born on March 21st. My mother was born on March 23rd. On March 4th, 2019 my mother killed herself. She woke up, organized her jewellery box and left home for the last time. She headed south until settling in a parking lot. The rest I cannot bear to share.

    The funeral was a week later. I don’t remember much of it. A line of people waiting to comfort me and my brothers, seemingly endless. I pulled away from my father who tried holding my hands while the minister spoke. My birthday came and went. There was nothing I could find in celebrating 23 years when she forfeited the remainder of hers.

    My mother worked the night shift at a factory for most of her life. When I was little I had an old license of hers that I held onto. I used to cry myself to sleep clutching that tiny piece of plastic. I always had a feeling that something horrible would happen to her. Yet, every morning when I woke up I saw her, pouring cereal in the kitchen. Eventually, I dismissed the feelings and wrote them off as irrational.

    All I did was sleep after it happened. I dreamt every night, always able to remember. I had never dreamed consecutively before. The first night I dreamt of going to her place of work to try and answer the infinite questions I had been bubbling in my brain. I pulled up out front and she was standing there, waiting. I threw open my door and wrapped my arms around her asking “where have you been?” and she replied “I love you. I was planning on leaving your father.” Just then, my fathers car drove onto the lot and as the sound of his voice grew, the clarity of the dream diminished until my mother faded and blackness echoed. The second night I dreamt I was floating above the clouds. Pink colour splashed through the sky. There was someone in the distance above me. As I levitated and grew closer, I could make out further details. It was a woman. She had huge wings that made me think she was an angel. Blonde hair that could only be described as a hair-dye halo. It was my mother. She wore a white dress with red flowers. Some say that the ones you’ve lost come to you in your dreams. I never believed that. Now, there is nothing I believe in more. I have to.

    When the police were finished conducting their investigation, I was able to search her phone to try and understand why what happened could have came to be. I came across two things that rocked me even mores than the shocking content of her browser history. The number of a divorce attorney in her contacts and an article titled “How to leave an unhealthy relationship”. Not only a week prior had I dreamt of her telling me what the article confirms. She had been trapped for years.

    On March 22nd, the day before my mothers birthday and the day after mine, the OA Part II was released on Netflix. I watched both parts through the next week. At the end of Part II, I watched the OA being lifted up by the others performing the movements and my heart sank. I had dreamt of my mother in her place a week before it premiered, floating to escape being trapped. I am at a loss for words. The only thing I can do for her now is tell my story, her story, and hope that it is seen or heard by someone who needs it at a time when the darkness can be deafening.

  • Felix says:

    I first heard about The OA shortly after Part I was released. A very good friend urged me to watch it and she compelled me to watch the first episode of Part I with her before I left hour home. I must admit, I was not drawn in this way. However, I did not discount the fact that The OA did have a quality to it that stayed with me. I got home and added Part I to my queue, and went to bed. Almost two years went by and Part II came out. I still did not get around to watching Part I.
    I finally took the plunge (binging both Parts in a week), while learning of the series’ cancellation. (Talk about bittersweet!) Part I floored me. I was lured in my it’s mysterious beauty and the affecting characters, all so difference- yet each one relatable in a very deep way. Prairie’s kindness and the way that Brit’s intelligence comes through in her portrayal disarmed me. Once the movements were introduced, I was all in. There was a spiritual sincerity and an authenticity to the displays of humanity that really impacted me. The scene in which Prairie and Homer revive Scott while communicating the dilemma their relationship had hit with after Homer experienced his momentary freedom, was one of the most riveting and emotionally complex scenes I’ve ever seen on television. All of the layers gently ushered me deeper into the woods and in the cells of each angel. The concurrent story of BBA and the boys was so beautifully sweet too. The poetry of chapters 1-7 were the perfect way to usher me into the final chapter of Part I. Still, I was not prepared for the tremendous emotional response I had witnessing the acts of courage by BBA and the Boys in the cafeteria scene. Selfless acts of surrender (physically, emotionally, mentally; spiritually connected by a force of faith and community. I turned the TV off, and sobbed. I hadn’t cried that hard in years. I then meditated and felt such peace. I took a day to process Part I and then dove into Part II, worrisome of the reality that the show had just been cancelled, for I was falling in love! Part II was a masterpiece in storytelling. Expanding mythic themes and connecting pieces of Part I, while opening up intrigue for future Parts (seasons). I wanted to pause so many times to look at all the clues/expressions/design, etc. I’d studied Joseph Campbell some time ago and read many books on the healing arts, mysticism of music, nature, psychology., The Autobiography of a Yogi… It was all there. Part II is so layered without being dense. What an achievement! Since concluding The OA experience in via TV, I’ve been living an OA experience IRL. I’ve kept up with every new article about the #savetheoa and #theoaisreal. I have been inspired in a way that has made everything seem to come together in my day to day in an artistic way; subtle and grand synchronicities that are difficult to explain. There is a powerful positive energy that has overcome The OA fans, and you either feel it or you don’t. It makes me want to do better, and contribute things of substance to the world, to help others, to be more my most authentic self. Thank you Brit and Zal for gifting us with your art and for being brave to tell your stories. Many of us need them and you have our attention! Keep it up, OA Fandom! We are part of the changes we wish to see. Peace, Love, and Light, angels.
    -F.A.R. (United States)

  • Paola says:

    It took me days to finally have the courage to contribute here. Maybe I wasn’t ready to say goodbye, but now I felt like I needed to write something about the show that changed my life entirely. I was lucky enough to watch The OA only 3 days after it was released. So it’s been with me for almost 3 years now.
    I’ve fallen in love almost imediatly, and I usually hate scifi movies or tv shows. But what I love about this show that it didn’t feel entirely scifi. The script fit like a glove; it was passionate, fanciful and so real. I remember feeling like I never saw something quite like that before.
    It’s so beautiful how a tv show can change so much the way you see the world.
    Brit said she likes to write scifi because we all need a distraction for the real world, but what she and Zal done was add a little magic to mine.
    The OA will forever be one of the most mesmerizing things I’ve ever saw and I’m so grateful we got two parts to appreciate. It’s really sad it came to an end, but as they said; it will forever live in my heart.
    I’m so glad I live in a dimension where this show affected me in ways I’ve never dreamed. It isn’t the type of show I usually like and somehow caught my heart.
    The OA is eternally real in inside of me.

  • Natalia P says:

    To everyone who can hear with their hearts.
    It’s an amazing art work that help me to remember see and feel deeply again beyond any explanations. Brit and Zal very brave people in my opinion and I am very grateful for it with whole my heart…
    It’s suposed to be a five seasons, and we may not see the rest of them. I am still hopeful it could happen, but just in case it’s not… I can imagine what would be the very end of the fifth season and wanted to share with you my thoughts. The message would be: “ We are ALL Angels, we just need to wake up and remember who we Really are. With your choice, with your will only.”
    Brit Marling made her choice- she is an OA here and now, and she is helping everyone else to remember…

  • Amanda says:

    I did not stumble onto the OA until 2018.

    So many people have shared so many interesting stories. My husband and I watched it together. This was about a year after I had a heart attack at thirty years old. The ensuing heart failure that sent me to a weeklong hospital stay eventually would reveal that I lost 60% of my heart function. On the way to the hospital, I drowned on the fluid in my lungs. There is no spanning and particularly powerful narrative wherein any single larger arc resonates, but instead it is a million tiny pieces.

    From the fact that my father’s side of my family is of Russian descent. To the NDE of a heart attack. To the eventual memories regained in the wake of that, of another life (a makeup artist in the 80s). To the light between lives. Even to the fact that both Prarie and I were kidnapped when younger.

    There is something real and sacred that resonates about this story. The idea that this is the manifestation of season 3 bringing the story to a “real life” dimension is something of a comfort.

    Netflix will never get another dime from me if they do not continue this story though.

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